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My eyes aren’t green like olives but look at my puppy eyes! 🥺
Hopefully there’s a family out there for me?! 😁
They call me Maple and I’m sweet like the treat! ❤️
I’m super gentle and get along great with the dogs, kids and cats in my foster home.
Foster Mom says I have an excellent temperament!
I love to play with my foster bro Mochi, he’s so happy to have a friend!
I’m a little bit shy at first and scared of things like the ceiling fans and dogs barking in the neighbourhood but I’m sure I’ll build up my confidence soon!
Adoption Information:
Maple 💜
Shepherd Mix
12 weeks old
Located: Leduc
Adoption Fee: $575 once fully vetted
I’m too small to be adopted quite yet, but you can love me as your own by applying to foster to adopt me!

Foster to Adopt

May 10, 2024 at 6:48:09 p.m.

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